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What are the steps to create your own sportswear?

What are the steps to create your own sportswear?

Jun 24,2021

Are you new to the apparel market?

Did you happen to find our website to view our products and want to create your own brand of fitness clothing? Introduce the production steps of your own brand sportswear!


1. Choose the design you like

Our company updates the new sportswear catalog twice a year. So you can choose our latest design from our website. In addition, if you have your own ideas, you can make a design you like. Even, you only need to draw a sketch. We will produce 100% according to your specifications.


2. Leave the most effective contact information.

It is very important that we can connect with each other. E-mail is a very common way to communicate with each other. However, due to the time zone, we cannot ensure that we will get back to you immediately. So it is best that you can also leave real-time contact information, such as whatsapp, skype, we-chat. This is really helpful for us to contact you as soon as possible. Of course, we also promise not to disclose your information.


3. Chat with our professional and lovely sales representatives for more details

Once we get your contact information, our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible. Here you can get more information about our factory, our products, our prices, our MOQ, etc. You can also order customized samples from them to test our quality.


4. Sample making

We have 5 professional designers and 3 professional patternmakers. Once you confirm the details of the sample, our sales representative will place an order to make the sample for you. Our pattern maker will complete the pattern within 3-5 days. Our workers can follow and cut the fabric into different panels. Our workers can sew these pieces together and complete the sample for you.

Finally, we will ship the samples to you so that you can test the quality, size and all other details.


5. Quotation for batch price and mass production

After you receive and check the samples, we will quote the final price for you according to the order quantity. Then we will arrange mass production. Usually, we will make 1 production sample

Before we proceed to mass production. In this way, we can confirm every detail of the batch order and make sure all the details are correct before mass production. The mass production time is about 35-45 days.


6. Shipping

We provide door-to-door transportation. So once our workers complete the order, we will try to find the most suitable shipping method for you from our forwarder. We can ship by express, sea, and air.

Therefore, we will provide some options for you to choose from. You can choose the best shipping option based on price, shipping time, etc.


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