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Hucai Specializes in the Custom Production of Private Label Men's Sportswear

Hucai specializes in the customized production of men's sportswear with private labels, We have a professional team composed of top designers and senior team.Our designers, patterners, trimmers and craftsmen have nearly 20 years of experience in brand patterning.

if your brand has its own sportswear designer, then you just need to focus on the design, and what we do is to put the design into practice. Our salesmen will communicate with designers according to years of experience, beautify the design, scientific selection of technology and recommend appropriate fabrics, and discuss with you every step of the details of the specific design draft, to achieve seamless connection between design and plate making, so that the finished products meet your requirements.


if you only have your own design ideas, then you can give us your design ideas or the characteristics of your customer base. Hucai designers and the salesman is experienced and professional, our designer will according to your design or customer base style positioning recommend sportswear design draft, plus professional salesman recommend suitable fabric technology, we will communicate with clothes every detail, to ensure that your design concept.


if you are a sports expert, Internet celebrity, or a brand owner, Hucai market research team will follow the fashion elements according to the market survey, customer feedback, referring to Instagram, youtube, facebook and other fashion products, refine the product details, and then the designer will summarize the popular fashion elements and release the popular fashion elements every month. You can choose the right products to sell on the website or customize them to suit your needs.


Customizable Items

Professional Team to Support Your Project


Process Selection:

We support a variety of LOGO technology, such as: screen printing, silicone hot stamping, washing, embroidery, laser, digital printing, invisible zipper, 3D pocket, and some of the latest technology, such as half zipper, make sportswear with comfortable requirements and also enhance the fashion of your brand.

  • embroidery

    3D Embroider

  • 3D silicone printing

    3D silicone printing

  • high-frequency embossed metallic printing

    high-frequency embossed metallic printing

  • Heat transfer

    Heat transfer

  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing

  • DTG


  • Plying-Up


  • Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

  • YKK Zipper

    YKK Zipper

  • Dirty Tie-Dyed

    Dirty Tie-Dyed

  • Washed


  • drawstring



Fabric Selection:

According to the design, our salesman will recommend high quality and suitable fabrics for you to compare and choose. A variety of fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester, Lycra, bamboo fiber, rayon, organic fabrics, environmentally friendly fabrics, recyclable fabrics, etc.

  • Air Layer Fabric

    Air Layer Fabric

  • Sports Pearl Fabric

    Sports Pearl Fabric

  • Bamboo


  • Rayon


  • Model


  • Quick-dry four-way stretch fabric

    quick-dry four-way stretch fabric

  • French terry

    French terry

  • 100%Cotton


  • Quick-dry Cationic Fabric

    Quick-dry Cationic Fabric

  • Quick-dry Sorona Fabric

    Quick-dry Sorona Fabric


Label & Packaging Selection:

The packaging of any product directly affects how customers respond to a particular brand, which is why custom clothing packaging can make a difference for clothing brands. We can customize your private label labels and logo printed packaging, providing personalized design of labels and bags according to your needs, so that your clothing products are eye-catching and attractive to your buyers.

Value Comparison

Four Main Reasons That Can Affect Product Prices

For your purchasing budget, HUCAI has conducted a study on the cost of men's sportswear and concluded that 4 main reasons can affect the product price: product category, process, fabric and accessories, and product quality.
Hucai sportswear


Product category. We are specialized in men's sportswear website, T-shirts, shorts, vests, hoodies, pants and other sportswear, different categories of products have different prices

mens gymwear supplier


The craft. We have bronzing, silk screen printing, embroidery, embossing, drawstring, elastic, waterproof zipper and so on. You can customize the process to make your sportswear unique.

custom workout clothes


The fabric. Fabric is one of the important factors affecting the quality of clothes. We have polyester, spandex, nylon and cotton. Even for the same fabric there are different GSM, Hucai offers a variety of fabrics for you to customize, including the latest eco-friendly fabrics.

mens sportswear


Product quality. We have been specializing in high quality men's sportswear for over 20 years. When customizing men's sportswear, consider that after a few months of use, you will find that poor quality fabric will lose elasticity or fade. This is a false economy, not a long-term investment.

Before looking at your detailed requirements, pay attention to the seller offering the lowest cost. Just as decorators, plumbers, or builders need to see your home before they can price you, well-known manufacturers of custom sportswear need to understand your needs before they can give you an accurate cost. If you want to compare the price of men's sportswear, you'll need a complete quote to consider all requirements and see who really offers the best value.Hucai provides you with competitive prices, high quality products, and the best service capabilities, providing a full range of solutions to meet the needs of your brand at different stages, to help you bring more value benefits, to help your brand grow. As a quick guide, combined with our approximate cost research, we can present your most basic value gains:
Hucai sportswear


Designer Design Custom Stories

The design process of any custom clothing product is a long process involving different aspects and details. When the goal is to get quality products, hiring quality clothing designers to get the job done is critical. If you don't have a designer, Hucai supports private label sportswear design.For Hucai designers, the men's sportswear market has always been the focus of research. They have a keen observation of the men's sportswear market, such as the understanding of popular elements, the trend of fabrics, and the special design of crafts. Under this premise, it is a very confident thing to provide guests with the design sketch or design sample of fitness clothing. You only need to inform the designer of your design idea or brand concept.
mens gymwear supplier


We have an American guest ——James.

His brand has grown, but he doesn't have his own designs yet. He asked HUCAI for help.

At this time, Hucai provided design services. According to James' concept requirements and brand positioning, the designer combined with the most popular elements of men's sportswear to design three versions of clothing design draft, respectively showing different logo positions and process highlights.

Among them, James was very satisfied with the first version of the design draft. After communicating with the salesman about the selection of fabric and craft material, he started his custom production of clothing and maintained a stable cooperative relationship with our Hucai.

We have our own design team

Whether you are Ready Design or Custom Design, our years of experience help you succeed.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of men's sportswear. Our design team is creative and inspirational, and we believe that our ability to design and master the latest market trends can provide you with the latest design and category solutions that can provide a better boost to your brand value. We welcome inquiries from brands, netizens and fitness bloggers, and we look forward to working with you!To get free samples or more discounted offers, please do not hesitate to write down your request! We can achieve greater success together!
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