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Welcome to our sportswear production capabilities page! HUCAI has advanced production equipment and a highly standardized factory environment to provide you with high-efficiency, high-quality production services. Through our professional services and superior capabilities,we are committed to providing you with the most competitive prices, excellent quality and stylish designs to help you stand out in the market.


Historical Development of HUCAI

The clothing manufacturing industry started in 1999, starting from a 200-square-meter factory. During this period, it mainly served the domestic market. It also provided OEM services for international clothing brands such as Armani, focusing on OEM services.
In 2012, it began to receive orders for fitness and yoga wear. The factory expanded to 600 square meters and has 30 workers.
The factory size has been expanded to 2,000 square meters. We have purchased automatic cutting equipment, automatic sewing equipment, multi-functional heat transfer machines, automatic ironing equipment, etc., which greatly increased our production capacity and can produce 10,000 pieces a month. Sportswear to better serve customers’ order requirements.
Intelligent construction of the factory will begin in 2020. The factory size will be expanded to 6,000 square meters, the number of employees will be increased to 200, a work distribution system between various departments will be established, and a digital sportswear production line will be established to better improve production efficiency.
We will start to certify BSCI, OEKO-TEX 100, GRS*, GOTS and other certificates in 2021. We respect the sustainable trend in the industry very much. We expand production capacity and establish factory standardization. From fabric procurement, printing and embroidery, sewing, quality inspection to packaging. Every step of manufacturing sportswear is visualized, making it more efficient to produce sportswear for customers with high quality and low cost.
In the future, HUCAI will increase investment in automated production equipment, automated heat press machines, automatic laminating machines, etc. Introduce intelligent manufacturing technology and Internet of Things technology to more accurately monitor the production process, optimize resource utilization, and improve production efficiency and flexibility. At the same time, HUCAI will continue to focus on environmentally friendly production, actively adopt renewable materials and environmentally friendly processes, and promote the greening of the production process.

Standardized Production

How Does HUCAI Achieve Standardization of Production Capabilities?

Standardized production

HUCAI has a standardized production process, covering everything from fabric procurement to manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging and logistics. These processes and processes are recorded in detail and continuously optimized and improved to ensure the smooth production process for customers.

Standardized equipment management

The equipment used in manufacturing sportswear is standardized and managed, and HUCAI continues to purchase the latest process machines to ensure that the equipment can keep up with customers' sportswear production requirements.

Train employees

Provide employees with standardized sportswear knowledge training and skills training so that they can understand and be able to implement standardized production processes and operating specifications. Maintain the skill level of employees in producing sportswear, and the sewn patterns can better meet customer requirements.

Professional information management system

The ERP system carries out standardized management and comprehensively monitors and manages the production process. Including production planning, inventory management of fabrics and accessories, production progress tracking, etc. Improve the efficiency and transparency of production management and provide customers with real-time reports on the current status of production.


HUCAI’s Production Process

step 1


After the business determines the quantity, fabric, process, accessories, size and other order information with the customer, the customer makes payment. Ensure sufficient financial support in the pre-production stage of sportswear to speed up the entire production process.

step 2

New order or repeat order

The production manager reviews and confirms the order. If it is a new order, place an order material list and pre-production version. If it is an old customer repeating the order, just place the production order directly.

step 3

Place an order for materials

According to the order requirements, the purchasing staff generates a detailed order form. Fabric procurement takes about 3 days. The purchasing staff will purchase the fabrics selected by the customer as needed and negotiate with the suppliers. This process ensures that the materials you order meet quality standards. The production manager then reviews the order and schedules production.

step 4

Prefabricated room grading

The pattern maker in the boardroom will determine the yardage of the entire order series based on the yardage ordered by the customer. The process of confirming the size pattern will take 3 working days, and the pattern will be made into a size chart for the customer to confirm. This process will ensure that the size of the subsequent large items is in line with your ideas.

step 5

Completion and confirmation of prenatal version

This process takes 5 working days. Before production officially starts, pre-production samples are produced and the product design is previewed. This process is to discover and correct potential problems in advance, reduce production risks, and determine and be satisfied with the pre-production version.

step 6

Place production order

After the pre-production version is checked and is correct, the production supervisor will be responsible for making production orders within 0.5 days and coordinating with the factory to schedule production.

step 7

Cutting bed

Cutting professionals will cut the fabric according to the pre-production version within 5 days to improve the accuracy of cutting. This process will reduce waste, ensure efficient use of fabrics, and effectively reduce costs for customers.

step 8

Printing and embroidery

Merchandisers arrange sportswear for custom designs such as printing or embroidery. This process takes 6 days. The merchandiser carefully checks the quality of the printing and embroidery process to ensure that the craftsmanship of the sportswear meets the customer's requirements.

step 9


Sportswear is sewn by workshop personnel who specialize in making sportswear. This process takes 15 days. During the production process, the workshop supervisor will conduct quality inspection of the semi-finished products to ensure a professional and efficient sewing process, and correct any problems if they are discovered in a timely manner. We have an order tracking system during the production process, which can provide feedback to customers on the progress at any time.

step 10

Quality inspection packaging

A comprehensive quality inspection and packaging of the finished product will be carried out from the tail end. This process takes 3 days. There are two processes for finished product inspection. Quality inspection will be carried out on size and pattern to ensure that the customer's sportswear is perfect. For packaging.

step 11

Collection and shipment

After all production is completed, the salesperson will review the production situation and confirm that it is correct, make the final payment to the customer, complete the final packaging and delivery on time, and ensure that the customer receives the order within the agreed time. We will notify the customer of the delivery time/logistics by email. /Order number, we provide door-to-door one-stop logistics services, which can minimize customers' logistics and transportation risks.

Sportswear Prices

Price Estimate From Standard Process to High-End Sportswear

In HUCAI's factories, highly standardized production processes are the cornerstone of our success. From raw material procurement to production and processing to final quality inspection, every step strictly follows our professional standards. When it comes to estimated prices for samples and estimated prices for bulk goods, we insist on providing high-end quality and professional services. We not only provide you with a price, but also provide you with a value, a symbol of the brand. Therefore, the prices we offer are based on a comprehensive reflection of our superior quality, superior service and brand influence, rather than simply comparing with lower-priced suppliers.

Men's Sportswear--Sample Estimated Price

Sample categoryEstimated price/USD
Solid color T-shirts & vests$50

Men's sportswear--estimated price for large quantities

Bulk goods categoryEstimated price/USD
Short sleeves$6-8
Shorts(with lining)$11-13
Shorts(without lining)$9-11
Sweatshirt(no zipper)$13-15
Sweatshirt(with zipper)$14-17

Quality Inspection

How Does HUCAI Conduct Quality Inspection of Sportswear?

As an established sportswear brand, quality should be your first consideration. HUCAI creates customized high-performance sportswear for brands in the gym and fitness industry. The target customer groups are brands, Internet celebrities and fitness bloggers. In order to better serve high-quality customers, HUCAI has a standard 5-step quality inspection standard to ensure high-quality sportswear for customers.

Inspection of purchased noodles and accessories

In the first step of production, we strictly inspect the purchased fabrics and accessories. Only materials that pass our strict quality inspection standards can be used for production, ensuring quality from the source.

Semi-finished product inspection

At an intermediate stage during the manufacturing process, we conduct in-process inspections to ensure that all aspects of the product meet standards. This includes key points in the production process to ensure that the product reaches the expected quality level at every stage of production.

Finished product inspection

When the sportswear is completed, we conduct a final inspection to fully inspect the finished product. This ensures that the final product meets high standards in all aspects of design and manufacturing to meet customer expectations.

Inspection will be carried out before ironing

We carry out a final inspection before the product undergoes final finishing and ironing. This step ensures that each item has passed final quality control before the product is finally presented to the customer.

Spot checks will be carried out before shipment

Before products are ready for shipment, we conduct spot checks to ensure that the entire batch meets standards. This is the last step to ensure that the products received by customers are strictly controlled.

Production Cycle

How Long is the Production Cycle for HUCAI to Manufacture Men's Sportswear?

When you choose HUCAI as your manufacturer, please know that HUCAI's production lead time is approximately 35 days. We always take customer satisfaction as our responsibility and strictly follow each step of the standardized process to ensure the quality of the sportswear we produce, so this time is also necessary. In some special circumstances, for our VIP customers or customers who are in a hurry and need to speed up the production time, we also have standard procedures set up for emergency orders.

VIP Customers

The annual purchase amount exceeds 1 million, the number of orders placed more than 5 times a year, and the number of purchased items exceeds 500

If VIP customers need to advance the production time, we will shorten the production process of large goods to within25 days, 10 days earlier than other customers' normal orders.

We also have dedicatedone-to-one sales/production services. If there is a problem with a VIP customer's production order, we will allocate additional manpower or resources to speed up the processing process and expedite processing to minimize time loss.

More Help

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If you have more questions, pleasecontact usdirectly.

What is your after-sales service like?

We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including but not limited to product quality issues, size discrepancies, logistics losses, etc. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact our after-sales service team (, we will provide appropriate after-sales service according to the specific problem, and we will wholeheartedly solve it for you.

How to check the status of my order?

Log in to our online customer platform or contact our customer service team to check the status of your order. We provide weekly updates and automatically push emails to keep you informed of the production and delivery progress of your order. If you encounter any difficulties or need help, feel free to contact our customer service team. They will provide you with detailed order status information.

What should I do if the expected delivery time is exceeded?

If your order delivery time is longer than expected during peak production season, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We will immediately investigate and provide an explanation, and will provide a solution to the delay, which may include expediting production, providing additional services, and taking steps to speed delivery.

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