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At HUCAI, we use our unique design concepts and global vision to provide personalized market research and product recommendations for customers in different regions, and are committed toproviding you with exclusive men's sportswear solutions.

HUCAI's designers are proficient in the three major sportswear styles of functional sports, trendy sports and casual sports. Their study abroad experiences at home and abroad have brought them diversified design concepts, profound experience and professional knowledge, and they are committed to bringing new perspectives and creativity to the field of men's sportswear.

Leo Li

Functional Movement

Functional Movement

Leo Li's design style is functional sportswear. He graduated from a top fashion design school in the United States and has rich experience in sports technology. He is committed to combining advanced technological materials with ergonomics to provide you with sportswear that is not only comfortable, but also more functional. Whether it is extreme sports or daily training, Leo Li's design will provide you with the best design reference.


Trendy Brand Sports

Trendy Brand Sports

Michael studied in Milan, the fashion capital of Europe, and has accumulated many years of experience in international trend design. He is passionate about capturing fashion trends and integrating popular elements into sportswear design. Its design style is not only fashionable and trendy, but also more comfortable and practical, showing you a unique sports style.


Leisure Sport

Leisure Sport

His experience of studying abroad at home and abroad has brought him rich cultural experience and design inspiration. He is good at perfectly combining casual style with sportswear, designing casual sportswear that is both fashionable and comfortable. Anabelle's work pays attention to details and quality, adding a sense of relaxation and comfort to your sports moments.

Recruit Global Designers

Create New Heights for Global Brands

At HUCAI, we welcome designers from all over the world to join our team and work together to create a sportswear brand with unique international influence. We believe that our global vision and diversified design team will bring unlimited surprises and possibilities to our customers.

Global Designer

What Benefits does HUCAI’s Recruitment of Global Designers Bring to Customers?

No matter which country or region you are from, as long as your design concept matches ours, we welcome you to join HUCAI and work with us to create a new level of global sportswear brand. Join us and let us create a better future together!

Wider choice

The global designer team will provide customers with a wider range of men's sportswear options to meet the needs of customers in different regions and cultures.

Creative collision

The collision of different cultural backgrounds and design styles will bring more creative sparks and provide customers with richer sportswear design references.

Localized services

Recruiting designers from different countries and regions can better understand the needs and culture of local sportswear brands and provide customers with more personalized and localized design services.

Global resource integration

Having a global team of designers will bring broader resource integration capabilities and provide HUCAI with richer design inspiration and supply chain resources. The company can obtain the latest fashion trends and design concepts from all over the world, allowing customers to always stay at the forefront of fashion.

Tom Story

The Story of the Design Team

In HUCAI's design team, we have a design director, his name is Tom. Tom has been passionate about sportswear since he was a child. He dreams of designing sportswear that is both fashionable and functional, so that people can feel unlimited power and confidence in sports.

He has been the design director of HUCAI for 10 years. From the beginning, his excellent design concepts and precise use of fabrics and accessories have won praise from many sports brands. He has always adhered to the pursuit of quality and innovation, and constantly provided customers with More design options. Later, he recruited more outstanding designers to join HUCAI and took on the responsibility of design director, leading the team to constantly challenge themselves and break through the boundaries of technology and design.

HUCAI will provide feedback and communicate with customers through face-to-face visits to understand their product needs and suggestions. Customers also feel that we value and respect their needs, and trust and support HUCAI even more. At present, our design team is composed of designers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and other countries. Their design styles are different, but they are all committed to bringing the best quality men's sportswear experience to customers.

HUCAI is committed to working with the best designers from around the world to create unique, innovative and influential sportswear. The story of our design team continues...

We have our own design team

Whether you are Ready Design or Custom Design, our years of experience help you succeed.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of men's sportswear. Our design team is creative and inspirational, and we believe that our ability to design and master the latest market trends can provide you with the latest design and category solutions that can provide a better boost to your brand value. We welcome inquiries from brands, netizens and fitness bloggers, and we look forward to working with you!To get free samples or more discounted offers, please do not hesitate to write down your request! We can achieve greater success together!
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