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HC focuses on the design and production of yoga fitness clothes
HC focuses on the design and production of yoga fitness clothes

Production capacity:

Dongguan Humen Hucai Garment Co., Ltd. has focused on manufacturing yoga fitness clothes for 20 years, and the sales team and the production team are in the same location, so that the production schedule, process, and effect can be more timely, using pictures, Record video or online video chat and send it to customers, so that customers can understand the progress of their orders in time.

Design ability:

We are a professional manufacturer of sportswear and fitnesswear. We have a strong design team and sample development technology. We can provide ODM&ODM services. We can provide you with customized fitnesswear according to your requirements. And we will recommend new products to our customers every month or cycle.

Regarding quality, we put it first. Whether it is the materials we purchase from our suppliers or the semi-finished products we have processed, we will conduct quality inspections to ensure the quality of the products.
In the production process, there are quality inspection teams in all links. After the fabrics are ordered back, we will conduct the first quality inspection, the quality inspection of the fabrics, and the second time the cut fabrics will be processed after processing.
In the first inspection of the process quality, the third time is the quality inspection after the finished product, and the fourth time is the quality inspection during the packaging. It can be said that the qua3lity inspection is throughout the entire production line to confirm that the high-quality products Shipment.
HC private customization
We provide private customized solutions for brand owners, Internet celebrities, and wholesalers.
If you are a brand and wholesaler

Then we will provide you with different services according to your brand positioning. such as:

a:You need us to provide fast shipping services, then we will provide you with a plan suggestion of the order time according to your sales plan, and constantly adjust our production according to your actual sales situation, on time Ship to you for sale, so as not to miss the peak period of sales.

b:You need us to provide high-quality products, so for your brand products, we will add one more quality inspection, and will conduct a random inspection of the finished product. After the random inspection is OK, we will ship it.

c:You need us to provide design options, then we will communicate with you and have a deep understanding of your brand concept, and design a series of products that fit your design concept, and push you to choose.

If you are an influencer

We will design a series of products based on the characteristics and needs of your fans and recommend them to you, and we will give you some planning suggestions for the order time , So that you can avoid the troubles of the supply chain, can better cooperate with your sales, and let you better focus on the front-end sales.

Application scenarios of the product
Why choose HC

We have our own design team

We not only have our own design team, but also an experienced pattern making team. Design team members: 1 design director, 2 designers, 2 design assistants, pattern making team members: 1 supervisor, 3 senior patterns Division, 2 copy editors, 7 senior car copywriters, 2 buyers.

Our design team has 20 years of experience in design and plate making. From design to sample completion, the speed will be faster and the quality is also very guaranteed. These are two very important points for brand owners. Too much time is wasted, which greatly increases and reduces the inventory of the brand owner, and may even increase the brand owner's own sales, which can better improve the loyalty of the brand and direct buyers.


The minimum order quantity is: 200 pieces/model

For brand owners, the minimum order quantity is as small as possible. Not only does it greatly reduce inventory, but it also speeds up capital turnover. In response to this demand, we set the minimum order quantity as: 200 pieces/model Of course, if you have a series of products, you can also order less, which requires you to contact us, give you relevant information, and we will provide you with a suitable solution.


We have our own factory

We not only have our own factory, but the sales team and the factory are in the same location. What does this mean? This shows that our sales team can quickly tell the brand the progress of your order, and can also provide online video, pictures, etc., to provide intuitive feedback to the brand. For the brand, it will undoubtedly give itself The sales increase confidence.

Proofing + production
Fast proofing time

For brand owners, the speed of the proofing time affects the production of bulk orders and the rhythm of sales. In view of this situation, our proofing time is about 12-20 days, depending on whether the product needs to be customized. Accessories, which will lead to a longer time. If you are cooperating with us for a long time and keep placing orders, the proofing will be quick, because some accessories and LOGO labels already exist, and you don’t need to wait for the customization to come back. Sample, if this time is very good for you, then you can contact us immediately and we will give you a specific plan.

Fast production time

After you receive the samples, you want to place an order, do you worry about production time? Please don’t worry, first of all, we will communicate with you the time of shipment before you place the order. Second, if you are our long-term cooperative brand, we will also give you the order based on your sales node. The suggested time allows you to better arrange your sales.

The following is the flow chart of our production. If you need it after placing an order, we will also give you online video or take pictures for you at each step.
Production flow chart:



















We have our own design team

The minimum order quantity is: 200 pieces/model

Fast proofing time in own factory

Fast production time in own factory