To be a leader of sportswear manufacturer, create more values for sports brands



To be a leader of sportswear manufacturer, create more values for sports brands

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    Honest, trustworthy, and hardworking

    Sincere dedication and overcoming difficulties

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    Take the striver as the foundation

    Give priority to workers who make contributions

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    Our products are exported to the United States, Australia,Europe, Japan and Middle East countries. We work with leading sports brands around the world.

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    To be a leader of sportswear manufacturer

    Strive wholeheartedly to improve the quality of human movement

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About Hc

Hucai is a Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturer Integrating Industry and Trade, Focusing on the Customized Production of Men's Sportswear.

Our products include T-shirts, shorts, vests, hoodies, sweatpants, coats and other sportswear. We can provide oem&odm production services for men's fitness sportswear, and we have a very professional sales team. We can provide good pre-sale and after-sales service. When dealing with customer orders, we can feedback to customers in time to ensure that we can provide customers with the best quality men's sportswear, but also reduce the time of logistics transportation, so that customers can carry out sales work the fastest.












Other Sportswear

Other Sportswear

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Hucai is a factory manufacturer that provides odm and oem services for brands, Internet celebrities and fitness bloggers.

We work with brands all over the world, and we have a huge clientele of Instagram, facebook, youtube influencers and fitness bloggers. Our experienced and patient sales team provides customers with real-time updates and professional wholesale sportswear advice, which can provide customers with the best product quality, private brand customization requirements, fast logistics transportation and so on.

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Hucai is a one-stop foreign trade company with clear production and service process.

Not only do we have our own factory, but the sales team is in the same location as the factory. What does that mean? This means that our sales team can quickly tell you the progress of your order, and can also provide online videos, pictures, etc. We can provide customers with every process in the production process of orders. We have a special tracking team, can provide customers with online pictures, videos, etc., convenient for customers to follow up the production progress of goods. As a reliable and professional sportswear manufacturer, we will provide the customer with the process progress from plate making to the final production of every step to successfully complete this cooperation.

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Hucai is a wholesale sportswear manufacturer with a minimum order size of 100.

For the brand, the minimum order quantity is as small as possible. Not only greatly reduces the inventory, but also speeds up the capital turnover. To meet this demand, we set the minimum order quantity as: 100 pieces/style, but if your sportswear products are ordered in series, we can also design a smaller quantity. If you want to know more details, please contact us, we will determine the cooperation mode according to your specific needs.

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Hucai is a private brand sportswear manufacturer that pursues sports and fashion features.

In order to meet the needs of fitness staff and fashion lovers, we continue to add fresh craftsmanship and fabric highlights to our fitness clothing stock. Fashion is the philosophy we always pursue. Our design team conducts annual research on the sportswear market, such as social media, market trends, customer feedback, etc., to summarize the popular elements of fashion. You can find the latest and most fashionable clothes to flesh out your personal brand on our website.

Private Label Gymwear

We have our own design team and plate making team.

We not only have our own design team, but also an experienced panel making team.
Design team members: 1 design director, 2 designers, 2 design assistants.
Plate-making team members: 1 supervisor, 3 senior plate-makers, 2 copy editors, and 2 buyers.

Our design team has 20 years of experience in design and patterning. From design to sample completion, the speed will be faster and the quality is very guaranteed. These are two very important points for brand owners. Too much time is wasted, greatly increasing and decreasing the inventory of the brand, and perhaps even increasing the brand's own sales, the better to increase brand and direct buyer loyalty.


Sustainable Clothing Factory

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Hucai aims to be a sustainable clothing factory, considering that eco-friendly fashion sports brands should rely on environmentally friendly clothing factories. Hucai believes that now is the perfect time to do everything we can to build a brighter and better future for our customers, families, communities and planet.
We are passionate about functionality and sustainability and have a clear production process to ensure smooth communication. We are always happy to help you select the most appropriate material for your sportswear brand, advise on the placement of seams, zippers, pockets, and discuss any other details you may think of. Finally, we will produce as many prototypes as needed to achieve your goals and realize your ideas.
If you find a manufacturer that advertises itself as sustainable, they should use certified relevant certificates. The sustainability of any clothing brand starts with its supply chain. So to be one of them, you have to work with a sustainable clothing manufacturer.
Hucai coworks with reliable fabric suppliers to support the use of environmentally friendly fabrics for men's sportswear. We can produce on demand, which is a very sustainable trend in the apparel industry at present.

We have our own design team

Whether you are Ready Design or Custom Design, our years of experience help you succeed.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of men's sportswear. Our design team is creative and inspirational, and we believe that our ability to design and master the latest market trends can provide you with the latest design and category solutions that can provide a better boost to your brand value. We welcome inquiries from brands, netizens and fitness bloggers, and we look forward to working with you!To get free samples or more discounted offers, please do not hesitate to write down your request! We can achieve greater success together!
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