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HC focuses on the design and production of yoga fitness clothes
For quality, we put it first. Whether it is the materials we purchase from our suppliers or the semi-finished products we have processed, we will conduct quality inspections to ensure the quality of the products.

In the production process, there are quality inspection teams in all links. After the fabrics are ordered back, we will conduct the first quality inspection, the quality inspection of the fabrics, and the second time the cut fabrics will be processed and processed. In the first inspection of the process quality, the third time is the quality inspection after the finished product, and the fourth time is the quality inspection during the packaging. It can be said that the quality inspection is throughout the entire production line to confirm that the high-quality products are Shipment.

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wholesale outdoor clothing

wholesale outdoor clothing

We are a professional outdoor clothing wholesale supplier and have more than 20 years of experience in the business. We provide the lowest MOQ and very affordable prices.Highlights: OEM&ODM, the MOQ is 200 pcs,custom sports bra,yoga pants,tank tops,workout leggings,hoodies,bike shorts and so on。
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We have our own design team

The minimum order quantity is: 200 pieces/model

Fast proofing time in own factory

Fast production time in own factory