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Sustainable natural Fabrics - Plant Fiber

Sustainable natural Fabrics - Plant Fiber

Jun 27,2022
Hucai hcactivewear

With the concept of environmental protection becoming more and more popular, people's interest in natural fabrics is deepening again. Natural fabrics come from organic raw materials and can be divided into two types according to the origin of their fiber: plant fiber and animal fiber. As a brand owner, you should not only understand your customers' preferences and requirements for clothing, but also know what materials your products are made of to make your brand more competitive.


Hucai hcactivewear is here to introduce sustainable fabrics that come from plant fibers.


1. Organic hemp

Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly natural fabrics. It is a compound carbon material, actually because it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is healthy for the soil to grow, and it requires less water than cotton. Because it has so many benefits and is more demanding to grow, hemp tends to be slightly more expensive than other sustainable organic fabrics.


2. Organic cotton

Organic cotton is one of the most natural fabrics available. It is grown without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and is processed without chemicals. Organic cotton is used in some sports bras, joggers, T -shirts, and some other cotton clothes.


3. Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton fabric is a recycled fabric made from waste materials. It meets the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification. Although it is a recycled fabric, it is not very different from cotton fabric in terms of function and can still be used in the production of T-shirts and other cotton clothing. Recycled cotton is appearing to help prevent fashion waste from ending up in landfills. It is one of the most popular modern environmentally friendly fabrics.


4. Organic linen

Flax is almost identical to hemp in terms of sustainability. It requires very little fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation to grow. It is made of linen fabric that is organic and environmentally friendly, and the fabric is light and breathable. Unlike hemp, the production of flax is not high, so it is also slightly more expensive.


5. Organic bamboo (bamboo linen)

Bamboo does not require a lot of inputs to grow, and can survive on rainfall alone. It is a fast-growing plant, which means that the fabrics made from it are more productive. Its growth is characterized by the fact that it consumes more carbon dioxide than trees, achieving a purifying effect on the air. Bamboo linen fabrics can absorb odors and are more suitable for functional clothing.


The use of natural fabrics is undoubtedly part of the contribution to the protection of the environment. In the continuous progress and development of human beings, the earth's environment has also suffered different degrees of damage. What we need to do is to do our part in environmental protection.


As a professional sportswear manufacturer, Hucai hcactivewear is very supportive of the use of environmentally friendly fabrics. We advocate the concept of green, and we belong to the apparel industry, so we do something in this field that can protect the environment, as the simplest one - using eco-friendly fabrics to produce sportswear. Hucai believes in sustainable brands that also support environmental sustainability, and we are willing to work with these brands to provide you with the most satisfying sportswear products. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced sportswear manufacturer,Please contact us for more information!


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