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4 Factors to Consider when Choosing Sportswear

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing Sportswear

Aug 17,2021
 several factors to consider when choosing sportswear

There are manysportswear styles on the market now, and there are big differences in version and material. When choosing, we must not only consider the individual situation but also consider the sports and the surrounding environment. The following are several factors to consider when choosing sportswear.


Suitable for changes in ambient temperature


First of all, sportswear should be suitable for changes in ambient temperature. During exercise, the human body itself consumes a lot of calories. If the temperature in the exercise environment is high, wearing loose and light sportswear can help dissipate heat. Contrarily, if the ambient temperature is relatively low, then it is best to choose some clothes that can effectively store body heat. making the muscles feel soft and comfortable and avoiding unnecessary physical damage during exercise.


Consider the environment


Secondly, the choice of sportswear should also take into account environmental conditions. For example, when exercising in a gym, you should choose more slim-fitting sportswear, because too loose and bulky clothes are easy to hang on the equipment in a gym, causing safety hazards. What’s more, fit and slim sportswear help you directly feel the changes in your body during exercise. 


For example, in yoga postures such as handstands, loose clothes are easy to run out, and the movement is not in place, which will affect the effect of the practice. Therefore, we need to choose some simple, active, comfortable, and breathable sportswear, which will improve the effect of doing sports to a certain extent.


For personal circumstances


Reasonable selection of sportswear styles can effectively transfer physical weaknesses. If you have narrow shoulders, a thin chest, wide hips, fat accumulation at the waist, and unobvious body curves, you can choose bright-colored sweatpants with an "n"-shaped dividing line on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark sweatpants. Use dark edges to outline to reduce the visual area of the hips and thighs.


If your chest, waist, and hips do not change significantly, and the curve does not fluctuate much from the front, then you have a straight body shape, that is, an H-shaped body shape. You should choose a one-piece fitness outfit with a dark-colored waist or a one-piece fitness outfit with a big curve puzzle at the waist.


If you are a little fatter, you can choose a split fitness outfit with a top longer than the abdomen, which can effectively reduce the waist area visually. Short-legged body type is suitable for choosing a one-piece fitness outfit with high hip and dark fitness shorts. This style can shorten the length of the upper body and lengthen the legs visually. You can also choose to have decorative lines on the waistline. Fitness tops to divert the attention of others.


If you are very fat, you will sweat a lot during exercise and lose more water. Such people should choose sportswear with strong water absorption and loose style. And the simple and practical style can avoid the visual burden. Don't choose too tight-fitting sportswear, this will expose the shortcomings of the body.


Choose according to different types of sports


Sportswear for different sports also has its corresponding pertinence. For example, basketball is a very energetic and intense sport. Correspondingly, professional basketball sportswear needs to highlight the perspiration-wicking function and breathability to make it feel comfortable to wear during sports. 


For example, yoga exercises need to do some postures with a relatively large body span, so the elasticity and stretchability of yoga gym clothes are very important.


In fact, many factors need to be considered when choosing sportswear, but the biggest aim is to be comfortable, convenient, and to maximize the protection of our bodies. If you want to know more about sportswear after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.


As a professional sportswear and yoga wear manufacturer, we always put the needs of our customers first. We have an experienced production team and a strict quality inspection system, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. And we will also provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology according to the actual needs of customers. If you want to buy our sportswear, please contact us immediately!


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