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How To Choose Fabrics For Customized Sportswear?

How To Choose Fabrics For Customized Sportswear?

June 5,2021
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It is difficult to say absolutely that cotton or other texture fabrics are not suitable for custom sportwear, because each material has advantages and disadvantages. 


Taking cotton as an example, clothing made of pure cotton has its own advantages. People will inevitably sweat during exercise. The sweat absorption capacity of pure cotton clothing is very good. In addition, clothing made of pure cotton generates less static electricity.


However, sportswear made of pure cotton does have shortcomings, such as poor air permeability, so after absorbing sweat, the clothes are not easy to dry, and may adhere to the human body, causing discomfort to wear.


Sportswear made of pure cotton generally has better water absorption, and the breathability of pure cotton clothing will also be affected when it gets wet, so it is not easy to dry after absorbing human sweat, which will cause discomfort.


Regarding the choice of customized sportswear materials, in fact, various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When customizing sportswear, there are often many considerations, such as appearance, whether it is convenient to wash, sweat absorption, wrinkle resistance, and skin feel. It is difficult to say which material of sportswear is more suitable for wearing.


Therefore, when purchasing sportswear or customizing sportswear, you should choose some clothes with better air permeability, so that the clothes will dry easily after absorbing moisture, will not adhere to the human skin, and will not sweat after exercise. There is discomfort.


For sportswear customization, natural and healthy combed cotton materials and environmentally friendly dyes are recommended. The appropriate amount of spandex makes the clothes more elastic and soft feel.


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