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How To Choose The Right Yoga Clothes For Novices

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How To Choose The Right Yoga Clothes For Novices

Issue Time:2021-06-01

1. Comfortable and natural

If you have seen old photos of Indian yoga, you will see that men are almost completely naked (Indian tradition is that only men can practice yoga) only the lower body is covered with a piece of cloth. Yes, that is the most primitive yoga clothes. This is very comfortable to wear, although not necessarily appropriate

So, what kind of yoga clothes are better for modern people?

In my experience, it is still based on comfort, nature and functionality. Everyone knows comfort naturally, but what does functionality mean?   

Because yoga has a lot of great movements for stretching the whole body, and not only from a few angles, if you wear cotton and linen clothing, it is very airy and comfortable, but sometimes it will feel like being tied because the fabric is inelastic. In addition, because of our actions, we may have shoulder standing, head and foot posture, if the clothes are too loose, there will be a dilemma of sliding down, but the abdomen or legs are exposed.   

Therefore, it is recommended to wear moisture-wicking fabrics. Although this kind of fabric is not a pure natural material, it has an advantage: after perspiration, its perspiration is better than cotton and linen, and it will not stick to the body due to wet clothes and pants, which may cause eczema over time.

There are many types of fabrics that absorb moisture and wick away sweat. I suggest that you can compare different qualities and choose the one with more detailed texture and better elasticity.


2. Dress design should be simple

Just choose a simple and generous version of the clothes. In order to gain purchase and attention, many businesses will add a lot of fancy things to the design of the clothes, so that the clothes will look better! But it is not recommended to choose this one, because when practicing yoga, I hope that I will do it in a relaxed environment without too many external factors to influence. In case something on your clothes presses on your waist or somewhere, then You must be in an uncomfortable state when doing asanas. Therefore, the choice of yoga clothes should be based on the freedom to stretch the limbs and the whole body does not feel bound.


3. Try to choose according to the principle of short-sleeved trousers

Because we go from warm-up to asana training, this also takes a little time. So if we wear short sleeves or vests, some practitioners with poor physical fitness may catch cold. So short-sleeved trousers, this way can not only meet your heat dissipation needs, but will not cause a burden on your body. Don’t be greedy for the cold for a while, and do something harmful to your body.


4. Protect the belly button from being exposed

For many sportswears to be fashionable and beautiful, pants will be designed with low-waist styles. Whether the top is a short top with sports underwear or a long top with a vest, the belly button will be exposed. Although this is visually beautiful, it is not very good for yoga practitioners.

Because we are very particular about exerting force and tightening of the abdomen at any time to allow the organs and magnetic field in the abdominal cavity to continue to operate. It is not good for the body to expose such an important door as the belly button to blow air. So I suggest that everyone try to choose yoga clothes that can cover the abdomen

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