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What Are The Tips For Choosing Sports Tank Tops?

What Are The Tips For Choosing Sports Tank Tops?

Update Time:2022/10/17

What Are The Tips For Choosing Sports Tank Tops?

Sports Tank Tops

During exercise, the body has a wide range of exercise and sweating. Sports tank tops can fix body parts well and quickly absorb sweat. These are not available in ordinary tank tops. Everyone's physical condition, exercise program and amount of exercise are different. So don't just be limited to a certain type of tank top. So how to choose? HC Activewear shared some selection tips, hoping to help business owners custom sports tank tops.


1. Choose moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics

When it comes to sports tank top, many people think that cotton is the first choice. But in fact, cotton fabrics are hard to wick away perspiration and become heavy and uncomfortable, making your exercise worse. If you consider the sweat-absorption needs of sports, then it is not recommended that you choose to use pure cotton fabrics. Choose to use composite fabrics, such as Lycra, bamboo fiber, modal, polyester and spandex fabrics, which can better keep your body dry during exercise.


2. Color selection

The light-colored sports tank top looks sunny and active, but there is one thing that must not be forgotten. After a lot of sweating, the light-colored sports tank top sweats very obviously, especially white and gray. Therefore, if you often sweat during strenuous exercise, remember not to choose a light-colored sports tank top. It is recommended to choose dark colors such as black and brown.


3. Shoulder strap width should be suitable

If you are doing low- and medium-intensity exercises (such as yoga, badminton, tennis, etc.), you can consider choosing a tank top with a slightly narrower strap. For example, running, basketball, aerobics, etc., it is recommended that you choose a type of hurdle vest, which looks similar to the upper part of the hurdle vest, shoulder width, and will not feel pain after a long time.


Summary: The choice of sports tank top cannot be generalized. It is not only necessary to recommend simple models and brands. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the sports tank top and its own situation. HUCAI can provide users with a variety of options. Our private label tank top uses high-quality materials and reasonable tailoring design. If you have this requirement, you can search for related products on our website to find it. If you are interested in our sportstank tops wholesale,please contact us immediately!


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