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HUCAI has successfully obtained the BSCI Level B certificate!

HUCAI has successfully obtained the BSCI Level B certificate!

Jun 7,2024
HUCAI, as a supplier dedicated to providing high quality sportswear, is proud to announce that HUCAI has been accredited by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and has been awarded the B Grade Certificate. This achievement not only recognizes our efforts in social responsibility, but also demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with products that meet the highest ethical and quality standards.
What is BSCI Certificate?
BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is a certification system dedicated to promoting social responsibility in global supply chains. Administered by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), the system is designed to ensure that suppliers meet international standards of social responsibility, labor conditions, and environmental protection through a series of audits and improvements.The main objectives of BSCI certification include:
Ensure fair and safe labor conditions
Guaranteeing the basic rights of workers
Comply with environmental protection regulations
Compliance with business ethics
What kind of customers need a BSCI level certificate?
For many international brands, major retailers and companies focused on corporate social responsibility, choosing a BSCI certified supplier is an important way to ensure compliance and ethical standards in their supply chain. Specifically, the following types of customers are in particular need of a BSCI level certificate:
International brands: These brands often have strict social responsibility and environmental protection policies and therefore need to ensure that their supply chains comply with international standards.
Large retailers: In order to maintain their brand image and public trust, these retailers choose BSCI certified suppliers to ensure transparency and compliance in their product manufacturing processes.
Socially Responsible Businesses: These companies are committed to implementing principles of social responsibility and sustainability in their operations, and therefore need to work with suppliers that also emphasize these values.
Why is HUCAI BSCI certified and B-rated?
Our company is BSCI certified and B-rated due to our continuous efforts in the following areas:
Strict internal management system: We have established a comprehensive internal management system to ensure that we meet international standards in terms of labor conditions, workers' rights and environmental protection.
Ongoing employee training: We regularly train our employees in social responsibility and environmental protection to raise their awareness and ability to consciously comply with the relevant regulations in their daily work.
Transparent operation process: We maintain a high degree of transparency, and all production processes and operations are carried out in strict accordance with the BSCI standards and are subject to audit and supervision at all times.
Proactive Improvement Measures: We continuously conduct self-assessment and improvement to identify and resolve possible problems in a timely manner to ensure that our operations continue to comply with BSCI standards.
Obtaining the BSCI Level B certificate is not only a recognition of our past work, but also an incentive for our future work. We will continue to strive to raise our social responsibility standards, continuously improve and optimize our production processes, and provide our customers with better quality and more reliable products.
Thank you for the support and trust of all our customers and partners, and we look forward to working with you to create a better future.

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