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Activities Foster Unity, Service Ensures Trust: HUCAI Team, Your Choice

Activities Foster Unity, Service Ensures Trust: HUCAI Team, Your Choice

Apr 15,2024
As a company specializing in the production of sportswear, HUCAI has always been adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy, and is committed to creating a caring staff, advocating the combination of work and rest in the work environment. We know that the health and happiness of our employees is the source of power for the company's sustainable development and the basis of our customer service. Therefore, we are not only committed to the production of quality products, but also focus on creating a good working atmosphere for our employees, so that they can be more energetic and engaged in their work.

On 2024.04.12, we held a colorful group building activity, aiming at letting our employees relax and reduce work pressure, so that they can be better engaged in their work. In this reunion, we specially arranged barbecue and game sessions, which brought pleasure and joy to our employees.

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The barbecue session was one of the highlights of our activity. In the outdoor barbecue site, employees gathered together to enjoy the food and fun. We prepared a rich variety of ingredients, so that every employee could find their favorite taste. While enjoying the delicious food, everyone communicated with each other to enhance mutual understanding and affection, injecting new vitality into team building.

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As for the game session, we elaborately designed a variety of interesting and challenging games, including teamwork games, competitive games, etc., so that the employees could challenge themselves and show the power of teamwork in the sound of laughter. These games not only promoted communication and collaboration among the team, but also stimulated the staff's energy and passion, injecting new momentum for future work.

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HUCAI will continue to uphold the ethical operation concept and pass the BSCI certificate certification to create a harmonious and warm working environment for the employees, so that they can fully enjoy their work and provide better products and services to customers with higher enthusiasm and professionalism.

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