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Customized men's sportswear, about the procurement cost you should know:

Customized men's sportswear, about the procurement cost you should know:

Mar 21,2024
Customized men's sportswear, about the procurement cost you should know:
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The price of men's sportswear is affected by a variety of factors, including the quality of fabric, production process, style complexity and logistics and transportation. High-quality fabrics, customized craftsmanship, unique designs, and choice of logistics methods usually increase the cost, and here are some factors that may affect a few:

1) Fabric (Fabric):

A:Different materials and quality of fabrics will affect the price, high quality and advanced technology fabrics are usually more expensive.
B:The special functionality of the fabric may also increase the cost, such as moisture wicking, breathability, antibacterial function. But also improve the performance of sportswear


For example, special treatment such as embroidery, hot stamping, printing may increase the cost, but it also improves the visual appeal of the garment, which affects the price.


Complicated designs and cuts may require more man-hours and effort, thus increasing manufacturing costs. Unique, fashionable designs are usually considered high-end products and prices increase accordingly.

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4) Logistics (logistics)

The quantity and transportation time of the goods will affect the price of logistics, which will also lead to an increase in the purchase cost of sportswear. Requirements for fast logistics timeframe will affect the price.

In a competitive market, controlling costs is the key to remain competitive and profitable, so after understanding the factors that may affect the cost, what can you do to save money?HUCAI As a provider of solutions for a full range of customers, we recommend:

A. If there is enough time, we will recommend the right physical way, for example, you can choose sea freight, your transportation cost will be reduced from 50USD/kg to 15USD/kg. You can approach us in advance to determine the order production time.

B, You can choose the right fabric according to your budget, we have the service team with 5 years of sportswear service, is very able to save your cost by fabric recommendation.

C, We use advanced production technology and efficient production process in order to improve the production efficiency and thus reduce the manufacturing cost.

While controlling costs, we also pay attention to maintaining the quality and competitiveness of our products. We enhance our brand awareness and market share by increasing the added value of our products and expanding our sales channels so as to achieve sustainable development. If you need to know more about the price of purchasing men's sportswear, please consult us!

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