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Purchasing trends in the American sportswear market

Purchasing trends in the American sportswear market

Dec 27,2022
American sportswear market

Purchasing trends in the American sportswear market


Fashion trends change rapidly and there are endless opportunities. For men's sportswear brands, it is very important to obtain key information from the mass information on the Internet, display their sportswear products and brands in a targeted way, and obtain their purchasing trends in the American market.


In this article, we will introduce the latest purchasing trends in the sportswear industry in the United States to help men's sportswear sellers meet the challenges and seize the sales opportunities!


1. Low minimum order quantity


For brands, the minimum order quantity is as small as possible. Not only greatly reduced inventory, but also accelerated the speed of capital turnover.


2. Sustainability


In recent years, environmental protection has attracted much attention, and more consumers pay attention to sustainable clothing ecology. According to a 2022 survey conducted in several international cities, 64% of respondents expressed support for sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion represents the production process and the use of fabrics and accessories that are environmentally friendly, as well as taking into account various ethical concerns.


3. Get to market quickly


Time brings more value gains, and more people want their sportswear to be the first in the market, especially men's sportswear. For example, quick-drying and sweat-absorbing fabric of fitness shorts, is a relatively obvious seasonal category, in the summer of each year has a sales peak. The brand will want to receive the goods before the peak season so as to best prepare for the peak season.


4. Customize


Even if the environment is tough, there are still plenty of opportunities in market segments, and sellers who can differentiate themselves and create new selling points tend to stand out. Then bespoke service is the most suitable men's sportswear brand can occupy an important channel of market share. More and more consumers plan to buy customized clothing for specific needs. A single style of fabric can no longer meet the consumption needs of consumers. People need personalized sportswear. Brands can also focus on these areas, such as compression tights for the high-intensity gymnast. These segments, which cater to a specific demographic, are opportunities for sellers.


Hucai is a one-stop apparel manufacturer working with American sportswear brands for a long time. We can offer you the following advantages:


1. The minimum order quantity for you is 100pcs, but if your sportswear is ordered in series, we can also design a smaller quantity.


2. Hucai has always been concerned about sustainability. We use sustainable fabrics to make men's sportswear and environment-friendly fabrics to make fashionable sportswear that best meets the current purchasing needs


3. We can provide a variety of export routes, express delivery, sea transportation, air transportation and other ways. We have perennial cooperation with express companies, which can ensure that our goods can reach customers in the first time.


4. We always insist on providing customized functions. In order to better realize the unique private design of customers, we always support customized services, such as logo, packaging bag, tag, special technology, etc.


If you are also looking for a sportswear supplier that can provide the best custom service in China, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can meet your expectations.


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