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The Tips and Common Mistakes in Choosing a Sports Bra

The Tips and Common Mistakes in Choosing a Sports Bra

Oct 27,2021
the common skills and mistakes women make when choosing a sports bra

Professional sports bras are actually quite different from ordinary bras. Whether it is the selected fabric, the emphasized function, or the details and craftsmanship, there is an independent set of standards. The followings are the common skills and mistakes women make when choosing a sports bra.


Selection skills


Breathable and wicking


First of all, the fabric of sports bras should absorb sweat and breathe, and those with high requirements should be antibacterial. Nowadays, sports bras on the market include pure cotton, Lycra, and ultra-fine fabrics, all of which are fine.


In addition, it would be better to choose some functional fabrics. For example, there is a sports bra made of high-tech fiber knitted fabric on the market, which has very good air permeability and can effectively take away sweat.


Some sports bras add soy protein fiber to the fabric, which not only feels soft but also has an obvious antibacterial function. Another relatively high-end ingredient is milk silk, which also has a natural antibacterial function, and is breathable and conductive. sweat. In addition, there is also a mesh fabric, which is also very breathable.


Good support


When exercising, you must wear a sports bra, even when doing yoga, otherwise, the chest will not be supported and protected, the chest shape will soon be out of shape, and even some relatively large movements will cause the pectoralis major to tear hurt. Sports bras especially emphasize support and protection in the design, so that the breasts and the body form a whole, which can not only fix the chest from vibration but also prevent the chest from obstructing movement.


The support of sports bras is mostly achieved by the design of the rubber band (the part between the cup and the back hook) and the wrapping of the fabric, rather than relying on the steel ring because the degree of freedom of the steel ring is not very good, the exercise comfort and flexibility are not satisfactory. Therefore, most sports bras do not have steel rims or use soft steel rims, and the bottom is moderately tight and has a good fixation.


Breathe freely


Since the first consideration in the design of sports bras is the support and protection of the chest, the shaping function is not as good as ordinary bras. Therefore, some women do not like to wear sports bras and choose to wear tighter sports bras. These methods are all Is undesirable. When choosing a sports bra, you must try it on. When trying on it, you can breathe freely, stretch freely, and at the same time, the chest is comfortable, stable, and safe.


Common mistakes


1. Wear an ordinary full-cup bra like a sports bra


Sports bras are very encapsulated in style design so that the chest is protected during exercise. Therefore, some women judge from the style that ordinary full cup bras can also be worn as sports bras. This is definitely not possible, because all specialized sports bras have special considerations in fabrics, design, and craftsmanship.


For example, the elasticity of ordinary bra materials cannot withstand the vibration caused by intense physical exercise. For another example, the I-shaped or X-shaped shoulder straps in sports bras are designed to reduce jumping and pulling and prevent the shoulder straps from slipping off during exercise, while ordinary full cup bras do not have these functions at all.


2. One sports bra is suitable for all sports


Sports bras are classified into high vibration sports, moderate vibration sports, and low vibration sports. Different exercise intensities are suitable for different bras, so you need to consider the type of exercise when choosing a sports bra. The bra for practicing yoga is definitely different from the bra for running and playing.


3. Wear a sports bra when not exercising


Because sports bras do not consider too much in terms of body shape, wearing sports bras is not very beneficial for maintaining a perfect chest shape. Therefore, wear a sports bra when you are exercising, and you should switch back to a normal bra when you are not exercising.


4. Use vest-style girly underwear as a sports bra


Some people use girly underwear designed for young girls as sports bras. Although this kind of bra is comfortable, it is not supportive. Wearing this kind of bra exercise, the chest shape quickly disappears. And professional sports bras actually have a little light pressure, which has the effect of fixing the chest shape.


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