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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Garment Making Processes

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Garment Making Processes

Jul 16,2021

1.Flat Screen Printing

Advantages: delicate design, reflective and not easy to elute, cheap

Disadvantage: sticky for a long time, poor air permeability, no sense of hierarchy


2.Digital Printing

Advantages: Finepattern, no fading in general; non-sticky, non-reflective, matte air permeability is better than screen printing

Disadvantage: Layerless, slightly more expensive than screen printing


3.Silicone Printing

Advantages: Strong stereoscopic sense

Disadvantage: Single color, generally silver gray, poor air permeability, expensive


4.Bronzing, Hot Silver

Advantages: Special effects can be achieved

Disadvantage: airtight, expensive


5.Water Print

Advantages: Very soft, non-reflective, delicate design, low price, good air permeability

Disadvantage: The color is not bright enough, can not be printed on dark clothes, can only be printed on light ones


6.Flat Embroidery

Advantages: strong stereoscopic sense, good gloss

Disadvantage: expensive, uncomfortable to wear



Advantages: good hierarchy, concave and convex feeling

Disadvantage: The price is more expensive, there are requirements for the fabric.


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