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How to Properly Wash Sportswear?

How to Properly Wash Sportswear?

Apr 20,2021

While restoring activewear to the cleanest state, we also need to pay attention to whether the washing method is correct. Sometimes incorrect washing methods and mistakes that we have not noticed may ruin or reduce the life of the clothes. The following are some points of attention to the correct cleaning of sportswear.


Use the correct detergent


Certain sports detergents can resist strong sweat odor and remove residual bacteria. Many of these detergents are also specially designed to protect sports technology fabrics.


Turn the sportswear over and wash


Many bacteria and perspiration are left in the workout clothes, so when washing clothes, the athletic clothes must be turned over to wash them, and it can make the clothes not easy to fade or damage the prints and other designs on the front of the active wears.


Wash with cold water


The washing label on almost every piece of sportswear will state "wash with cold water" because cold water and low-speed washing can prevent the activewear from shrinking or the material is damaged.


Remove stains


Mix water and baking soda in a ratio of 1:3, scrub the stained area, let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes, soak it dry with a warm and damp towel, and wash it with cold water again, but don’t use a softener for workout clothes. Can effectively remove dirt.


Wash sports underwear separately


Use warm water to wash by hand, and avoid rubbing hard to prevent damage to normal elasticity and lead to deformation.


Never mix sports bras with other clothes in the washing machine to prevent cross-infection of bacteria carried by dirty clothes, and also avoid deformation and staining


Don't use too much detergent


Using too much detergent will have the opposite effect, and the excess detergent will remain on the athletic clothes.


Do not use softener


This is the most basic principle of maintaining sportswear. The softness of the clothes will leave an unpleasant smell on the activewear, and the texture of the material will be destroyed if covered for too long. In addition, if it is a sweatshirt, the softness of the activewear will block this function.


Don't throw the clothes in the dryer


It is good to ventilate and dry, which can prevent the color of the workout clothes from dulling, pilling, and extend the life of the clothes.


Don't keep sportswear soaked in sweat for long 


This may make your sportswear full of odor. If the odor is a serious problem for you, you can try to put the clothes in the washing machine and soak them in vinegar.


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