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At HUCAI, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality men's sportswear fabrics to ensure that your sportswear is not only functional but also stylish.

Here are some common sportswear fabrics we recommend:

Sports T-shirt


Sports T-shirts are generally divided into four categories:tight T-shirts, fitted T-shirts, slim T-shirts, and oversize T-shirts.

Tight-fitting T-shirts need to have excellent elasticity and fit to ensure close fit to the body and provide sufficient support and comfort. Generally, more than 10% spandex content is required;

Fitted T-shirts usually require fabrics with good resilience and a moderate fit, but are slightly looser than tight-fitting T-shirts and only require about 5% spandex content;

Slim-fitting T-shirts usually have a slightly slim cut to highlight the body lines, but are not too close-fitting. They are usually made of light, breathable, moisture-absorbent and sweat-wicking fabrics, such as 180gsm cotton;

Oversize T-shirts usually have a loose cut and casual style, focusing on comfort and casual style. The weight is generally above 220gsm.

  • Fabric A

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    92% cotton 8% spandex190gsm7-10 USDSoft, comfortable, hygroscopic, elastic


    Suitable for making slim-fit sports T-shirts, which not only retains the comfort of cotton fabrics, but also increases the elasticity and comfort of sportswear. Clothes made of this fabric are suitable for brands positioned in casual sports styles, such as fitness casual clothing brands or street fashion sports brands.

  • Fabric B

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    100% cotton180-220gsm8-10 USDSuper soft, hygroscopic, breathable, thick and durable


    180-220gsm fabric is suitable for fitted sports T-shirts. Super soft, moisture-absorbent and breathable with good comfort. This fabric is suitable for sportswear brands that focus on simplicity and comfort, such as casual outdoor brands or fitness sports brands.

  • Fabric C

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    90% polyester 10% spandex180gsm6-8 USDThin, wear-resistant, easy to clean and super elastic


    It is suitable for making sports tight-fitting short-sleeved sports shirts, tight-fitting running tops, etc. It has good sweat-absorbing and moisture-wicking properties and breathability, and is suitable for intense sports and high-intensity activities. This fabric is suitable for sportswear brands that focus on sports performance and comfort.

  • Fabric D

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    100% cotton220-250gsm10-15 USDElasticity, warmth, comfort, thickness and durability


    Suitable for making oversize T-shirts. High-weight fabrics with personalized large prints, washing techniques, etc. can meet the needs of different sports scenes and are both comfortable and durable. Suitable for sports brands that combine sports and fashion elements.

Sports Shorts


Sports shorts are divided into single-layer shorts and double-layer shorts. As the name suggests, there is a difference between having an inner layer and not.

Single-layer shorts usually refer to a simple design without lining, which is suitable for sports in hot weather and provides a light and breathable feeling;

double-layer shorts refer to a design with underwear or lining added to the inner layer to provide better support and concealment. , suitable for sports that require more support and protection, the inner layer is usually made of moisture-wicking, antibacterial and breathable fabric to increase comfort and prevent friction.

  • Fabric A

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures

    The inner layer:90%polyester 10%spandex

    Outer layer:88% nylon 12% spandex

    127gsm11-13 USDThin, easy to clean, super elastic, soft, four-sided stretch


    Suitable for making sports tights, 2-in-1 shorts with lining, etc. It has good sweat-absorbing and moisture-wicking properties and breathability, and is suitable for intense sports and high-intensity activities. This fabric is suitable for high-end sports brands that focus on quality and functionality and provide customers with products with the best performance and comfort.

  • Fabric B

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures

    90% nylon 10% spandex

    150gsm9-11 USDUltra-thin, moisture-absorbent, breathable, wear-resistant, four-sided elastic


    It is suitable for single-layer sports shorts. It is a light fabric and is suitable for outdoor sportswear brands that focus on the lightweight, wear-resistant and breathable sportswear. They are committed to providing high-performance sportswear and comfortable wearing experience for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

  • Fabric C

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures

    95.4%cotton 4.6%spandex

    320gsm9-11 USDHygroscopic, not easily deformed, wear-resistant, high weight


    It is suitable for single-layer sports shorts and is a terry sweatshirt fabric. It is suitable for casual sports brands or street fashion sports brands. They focus on the comfort and fashion of sports shorts and pursue the comfort and fashion of sportswear.

  • Fabric D

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures

    92% polyester 8% spandex

    135gsm9-11 USDElastic, comfortable, breathable, moisture absorbent


    Suitable for single-layer sports shorts, the fabric is light and breathable and very suitable for summer sports wear. It has good sweat wicking and breathability. It is suitable for sportswear brands that aim to provide customers with equipment for intense sports and high-intensity activities.

Sports Sweatshirt & Trousers


Combining sweatshirts and sweatpants is becoming more and more common in fitness activities, making sports sweatshirts and sweatpants an important category developed by many men's sportswear brands. Sports sweatshirts & sweatpants are generally divided into basic styles and functional styles.

The basic style is a simple and elegant design, usually in a single color or simple pattern, suitable for daily casual wear or fitness exercises;

The functional style is designed for specific sports scenes, and may have functions such as moisture wicking, breathability, warmth, windproof and waterproof, and is suitable for Wear it during outdoor sports or high-intensity exercise.

  • Fabric A

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    95.4%cotton 4.6%spandex320gsm13-15 USDWarm, comfortable and thick


    Thickened dense cotton Odell fabric has good warmth retention and comfort, and is suitable for making thickened sports sweatshirts and sweatpants. Suitable for sports and leisure brands that focus on comfort and warmth.

  • Fabric B

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    100%cotton360gsm13-15 USDWarm, thick, moisture-absorbent, sweat-wicking


    Thickened fabric, suitable for making thickened 100% cotton sweatshirts, with good warmth retention, suitable for winter outdoor activities or cold areas. Suitable for sportswear brands that require customization, adding large-area printing, washed, tie-dye, embroidery and other processes.

  • Fabric C

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    90% nylon 10% spandex150gsm15-17 USDSoft, elastic, thin, wear-resistant, light


    The fabric is slightly elastic, suitable for making lightweight and breathable hiking pants. It has strong wear resistance and breathability. The weight of 150gsm makes it suitable for spring and summer seasons. Suitable for outdoor sports brands or mountaineering equipment brands.

  • Fabric D

    ElementWeightEstimated priceFeatures
    35%cotton 60% polyester 5% spandex375gsm15-17 USDWarm, velvet, skin-friendly, high weight


    This fabric is a mixture of cotton, polyester fiber and spandex. It has a high weight, good warmth retention and a certain degree of elasticity. It is suitable for making velvet sports sweatshirts & sweatpants with good skin-friendly properties and is suitable for outdoor sports brands. Or casual sports brand.

High Quality Fabric

Why is the Choice of Fabric So Important?

As an established men's sportswear brand, quality should be your first consideration. Among them, the quality of the fabric should be your primary consideration, because high-quality fabrics can not only provide a comfortable wearing experience, but also ensure the durability and performance of sportswear, while also increasing the credibility and competitiveness of the brand.

Quality Control

How HUCAI Conducts Sportswear Fabric Testing

As an excellent manufacturer of men's sportswear, we understand the importance of fabrics. In order to ensure that the quality of our sportswear is always at the highest level, we not only have a standardized fabric library that can help customers provide the most suitable fabric selection, save time and energy and provide customers with professional recommendations, but HUCAI has also established a strict 6 Fabric quality inspection process:
Test 1

Raw materials

Check the fabric label and packaging to ensure it matches the purchase order; check the specifications and quality and pay attention to whether there are any problems such as damage, color difference, stains, etc.

Test 2

Color detection

Check the color of the fabric with a light box or under natural light to ensure it is consistent with the sample or color card; check whether the color of the fabric is uniform and has no obvious color difference or spots.

Test 3

Tensile test

Use a tensile tester to perform a tensile test on the fabric to determine its elasticity and durability; check the deformation of the fabric under different degrees of stretch to ensure that it meets product requirements.

Test 4

Wear resistance testing

Use a wear-resistant tester to test the fabric's wear resistance to simulate wear and tear during long-term use.

Test 5

Washing test

Carry out washing tests to simulate the performance of the product during the washing process; check the shrinkage, deformation and color fastness of the fabric after washing to ensure that it meets product requirements.

Test 6

Chemical composition detection

According to the use of the product and market requirements, necessary chemical composition testing is carried out to ensure that the fabric is harmless and environmentally friendly; the presence of harmful substances, such as heavy metals, allergenic dyes, etc., is detected.

Fabric Price

How Much does it Cost to Customize Fabrics?

Prices for custom fabrics vary on a case-by-case basis. We're sorry that we can't show the prices here, because there will be many situations, and these factors may change due to different customers, different fabrics, and different customization requirements. Therefore, there is no fixed price that will fit all situations.HUCAI is a manufacturer specializing in men's sportswear. We have a mature supply chain team and complete fabric development capabilities. If you need to customize special fabrics, HUCAI will recommend the most suitable fabrics for men's sportswear. The following are the price factors that may affect the price of custom fabrics,

Fabric performance requirements

Sportswear generally has higher fabric performance requirements than ordinary clothing, such as breathability, moisture wicking, stretchability, etc. If customized fabrics require higher performance, the corresponding cost will increase.

Fabric quality and composition

Fabrics of different compositions and qualities vary greatly in price. The fabrics usually required for sportswear may be synthetic fiber fabrics with better technical properties. The price of such fabrics is often higher than ordinary cotton and polyester fabrics.

Customized design and craftsmanship

If custom fabrics require special designs, washing, printing, dyeing or other special processes, these will increase the cost.

Customized quantity

Generally speaking, the larger the quantity of customized fabrics, the lower the unit price, because mass production can enjoy more discounts.

Sportswear Prices

What is the Approximate Price Range for 200 Pieces of MOQ Sportswear?

When it comes to quoting, when you accept 200moq, HUCAI can provide a rough price range but the final price still needs to be determined based on specific order requirements and trading conditions. Here is an example:
Short sleeves

With lining:$11-13

No lining:$9-11


With zipper:$14-17

No zipper:$13-15

Tank Tops

More Help

Something You Follow

If you have more questions, pleasecontact usdirectly.


When you agree to HUCAI to make your order, please accept 200MOQ, because among many sportswear manufacturers, this is already a very low minimum order quantity. HUCAI serves mid-to-high-end sportswear brands. We hope Let’s work together with the brand to achieve success.

Production cycle

HUCAI’s production delivery time is about30 days, and that for VIP customers is about25 days. We strictly follow each step of the standardized process to ensure the quality of the sportswear we produce, so this time is also necessary. As a VIP customer of HUCAI, we will arrange the production schedule in advance to shorten the sewing time and speed up the quality inspection. time, thereby reducing the production cycle for VIP customers.

Privacy protection

HUCAI has a privacy protection policy and provides every customer with a free privacy protection contract, and will never leak your brand information privately.

We have our own design team

Whether you are Ready Design or Custom Design, our years of experience help you succeed.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of men's sportswear. Our design team is creative and inspirational, and we believe that our ability to design and master the latest market trends can provide you with the latest design and category solutions that can provide a better boost to your brand value. We welcome inquiries from brands, netizens and fitness bloggers, and we look forward to working with you!To get free samples or more discounted offers, please do not hesitate to write down your request! We can achieve greater success together!
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