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Welcome to HUCAI's process manufacturing capabilities page. We provide you with a one-stop solution, providing the latest and most popular men's sportswear process options, solving the pain points you may encounter in the process of selecting process customization, and helping you achieve greater success. product value.


Our Process Equipment


If you are looking for a sportswear manufacturer that can provide you with a large number of embroidery craft services, HUCAI's professional team is ready to help you. We have professional embroidery machines (2 sets) to achieve fast and fine embroidery effects for you. Your products can be embroidered on various fabrics, such as sports sweatshirts, sports T-shirts, sports pants, sports long sleeves, etc.


During the heat transfer process, the image is transferred to the paper, and then ironed on the sports T-shirt to transfer the image, making the pattern durable, maintaining good visual effects and sense of quality, suitable for all kinds of sportswear for sportswear Adding to the unique appeal, we have state-of-the-art technology and high-performance heat press machines (2 units) to optimize your sportswear for superior results.

Screen printing

Using professional screen printing technology, customers' logos and patterns can be accurately printed on sportswear. Typically used to print large quantities of a single sportswear design, when you order custom sportswear from us we do not print on ready-to-wear garments. Instead, we will send cut fabrics for printing, like fabric slices for sports bras, fabric slices for yoga pants, using professional fully automatic screen printing machines (2 sets) to ensure the improvement of production efficiency.


Using digital direct printing technology, complex patterns can be printed directly on sportswear, achieving high-definition and delicate effects. The efficient equipment (2 units) greatly reduces printing costs and delivery time. The resulting garment is lightweight and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand strenuous activity. It is also the choice of many brands.


Fashion trends have changed dramatically and fabric processing has become an important element of any garment. Through the use of special washing technology, silicone washing, biological washing, anti-shrink washing and other technologies, people can easily solve shrinkage, wrinkles, ironing and other problems, and add unique texture and style to sports T-shirts, jogging pants, sports sweaters, etc. Create fashionable effects and enhance brand image and market competitiveness.


Compared with thermal transfer printing, this printing effect is similar to stickers, but the effect is long-lasting and can be used to print real images on products. For example, sports T-shirts that require large-area printing can use this printing method. The resulting clothing is light, comfortable, durable, and can withstand strenuous activities.


We employ the latest garment dyeing machines and technologies such as drum dyeing machines, paddle dyeing units and jet cycles, etc. Tie-dye is limited to 100% cotton and we conduct exhaustive color fastening testing before shipping, including rubbing, detergent wash, light testing, sweat and water testing. We will do everything possible to meet your needs and solve your pain points.

Special Process

How Much does it Cost to Customize Special Craftsmanship?

HUCAI offers a variety of customized process options to meet your special process needs. We have a stable process supply chain, which is not only high quality, but also the same supply chain from well-known sportswear brands at home and abroad. This means you'll receive a level of craftsmanship that's comparable to well-known brands, injecting greater quality and value into your products.Below are sample estimates for general men's activewear craftsmanship, we can also provide the latest craftsmanship technology to ensure your product is unique:
Hang tag
Zipper pull
Dyeing fee
Elastic band
Heat transfer
The estimated price for bulk goods may vary depending on the order quantity, printing size, logo size, etc. For example, your men's sportswear needs special customization, such as special processes such as washing, large-area printing, etc., which will incur additional process costs. These additional costs are approximately US$1.5-2 per piece, and the specific costs will be based on Depends on the complexity and scale of the chosen process.

Supply Chain

Why does HUCAI Have a Strong Process Supply Chain?

Stable partnership

The process manufacturers that HUCAI has long-term and stable cooperation with are all suppliers that focus on sportswear technology and have experience in cooperating with well-known sportswear brands at home and abroad. The suppliers have rich experience and technology accumulation in technology, which provides HUCAI's Customers are provided with premium quality workmanship and experience in their sportswear manufacturing.

Strict supplier selection criteria

HUCAI is very strict in the selection of suppliers and only chooses suppliers with good reputations, high-quality products and advanced technology to cooperate. This ensures we have access to the highest quality craftsmanship products and services, and selecting screened suppliers means customers don’t have to worry about unstable factors such as quality issues or late deliveries in the supply chain.

Resource integration and complementary advantages

HUCAI fully integrates its own resources and complements its advantages with suppliers to jointly promote the improvement of process levels. Through resource integration, we can have a wider range of process options to meet the different needs of customers. Customers can choose the most suitable process based on their own needs and brand positioning.

Continuous technological innovation and development

HUCAI continues to invest capital and human resources in technology research and development and innovation, and is committed to introducing the latest process technology and equipment. This allows us to maintain a leading position in the industry and provide customers with newer and more advanced process options.

Cost Control

How to Control Costs Through Customized Processes?

In a highly competitive market environment, as a men's sportswear brand, it needs to attract consumers through product differentiation. Customization technology can add unique appearance and functional characteristics to products, making the brand more competitive in the market. Therefore, cost control through customized processes is very important for sportswear brands.

As a supplier focusing on men's sportswear, HUCAI will provide the following services to sportswear brands to help them control costs through customized processes:

  • Provide diversified process options and provide the most suitable customized solution for the brand based on product positioning and cost budget.
  • Through a stable process supply chain and complementary advantages, we provide brands with high-quality process products and services to meet customers' cost control needs at the best price.
  • Through continuous technological innovation and development, we optimize the production process, improve production efficiency, and help brands reduce costs.

Quality Control

How to Ensure the Workmanship Quality of Men's Sportswear?

Does controlling the cost of process manufacturing mean a decrease in quality? In the end, there will be situations where the printing is not wear-resistant, the tag is easy to fall off, and the brand logo is cracked? Ultimately affecting the overall quality and service life of the garment. The answer is absolutely not. HUCAI has a strict and careful process quality inspection process to ensure that every process meets quality requirements. The sportswear produced is durable and can bring long-term benefits to sports brands. We take the following unique steps to ensure the quality of workmanship in our men's sportswear:

Customized production plan

HUCAI provides customized production solutions based on the design characteristics of men's sportswear and customer needs, including selecting appropriate processes and materials, and ensuring the suitability of fabrics and processes at the source to ensure the final process effect.

Exclusive quality inspection process

HUCAI has established a process quality inspection team specifically for men's sportswear. It conducts quality inspections on the process after production, including detailed inspections of the elasticity and wear resistance of the process to ensure that every piece of sportswear meets men's needs. and standards.

Customer participation in quality control

HUCAI encourages customers to participate in the quality control process of men's sportswear and accept their feedback and suggestions in order to adjust and improve the process in a timely manner to ensure that product quality reaches the highest level of customer satisfaction.

More Help

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Quality concerns

Customers may worry that customization processes will affect product quality, such as unsatisfactory embroidery or printing effects, poor durability, etc.

HUCAI How to do

HUCAI promises 100% product quality satisfaction to customers. During the production process, we will provide sample confirmation to ensure that the embroidery or printing effect is as expected. If customers have any concerns about quality, we will provide free correction or redo services until customers are satisfied.

Difficulty in process selection

For many sports brands, it may be difficult to understand the advantages, disadvantages and applicable scenarios of various processes, and they may not be able to determine the most suitable process option. There may also be difficulties in choosing a process due to budget, the compatibility of the process with the sportswear category, etc. There is a problem.

HUCAI How to do

HUCAI's team will provide customers with professional process selection advice, recommend the most appropriate process options based on their needs, budget and product characteristics, and provide reference examples of good processes to help customers make wise choices.

We have our own design team

Whether you are Ready Design or Custom Design, our years of experience help you succeed.

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HUCAI is a supplier specializing in the design, customization and production of men's sportswear. Our design team is creative and inspirational, and we believe that our ability to design and master the latest market trends can provide you with the latest design and category solutions that can provide a better boost to your brand value. We welcome inquiries from brands, netizens and fitness bloggers, and we look forward to working with you!To get free samples or more discounted offers, please do not hesitate to write down your request! We can achieve greater success together!
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