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Welcome to HUCAI's OEM service page, HUCAI is your trustworthy supplier of men's sportswear. We focus on providing OEM services for mature and well-known brands, and are committed to meeting your needs and creating unique brands.

Clarify Needs

Customer Needs & Technical Package Requirements

Before choosing OEM service, please make sure you meet the following conditions:

Clear brand awareness and needs:

You have clearly defined your brand positioning and target audience, and already have a mature technical package, or you need us to reproduce the technical package and need a men's sportswear consistent with your brand image.


Clear design requirements:

You need to provide clear product design requirements, including size charts, colors, prints, detailing, etc., to ensure that we can accurately meet your requirements.


Fabric and accessories selection:

You need to specify fabrics and accessories, or provide specific requirements, and we will recommend suitable sportswear fabrics for you.


Stable willingness to cooperate:

In order to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation, you need to show a stable willingness to cooperate and be able to provide continuous order volume.


Why does HUCAI Require You to Provide a Rigorous Technical Package?

Too often customers come to us with poorly designed tech packages, as well as inaccurate measurements and instructions. These are just a waste of money and worse than no tech package at all. If HUCAI continues to produce according to these technical packages, big problems may arise.Providing a rigorous technical package is crucial to the smooth running of the production process, saving time and costs, ensuring product quality, and maintaining brand image. HUCAI emphasizes that customers provide rigorous technology packages, which is in your interest as well as ours and ensures that we can provide the highest quality services and products to our customers.
If you do not have a mature technology package, HUCAI has a professional design team that can provide personalized and customized design solutions based on your needs and brand positioning. We recommend that you go to the ODM page to view our service offerings!

Cooperation Process

How to Start OEM Men's Sportswear Cooperation?

Choose HUCAI and you can start your OEM sportswear journey in just a few simple steps.
Step 1

Send technical package

Get in touch with HUCAI’s professional team to share your design concepts, brand needs and desired sportswear styles. We will take a deep dive into your requirements to ensure we have a full understanding of the project.

Step 2

Technology package review

The technology package you provide is the starting point for our cooperation. Our professional team will carefully review the technical package, including design drawings, process instructions, required fabrics and other details, and will confirm the details with you one by one to ensure that everything meets manufacturing standards.

Step 3

Customized suggestions

With our years of experience, we may make some suggestions to optimize the design or increase production efficiency. We always strive to ensure that the final product not only meets your expectations, but is also practical and market-competitive.

Step 4

Design proofing

Once the details are confirmed, we will quickly start designing and prototyping. Through efficient communication and feedback, we ensure that every detail meets your expectations and make the customized sportswear perfectly presented.


Why does HUCAI have Professional OEM Men's Sportswear Capabilities?

Development capabilities

  • HUCAI has a high-quality design team with experience in serving international first-line sportswear brands at home and abroad, and can present the latest and most fashionable designs to customers.
  • We have a strong supply chain of sportswear fabrics and accessories, such as silk screen printing, embroidery, washing and other processes. We all have professional production experience.

Proofing ability

  • We have a total of 15 people in our workshop, including 4 professional pattern makers, all of whom have more than ten years of experience in making sportswear samples.
  • Advanced sampling equipment and professional technology can ensure that each sportswear accurately restores the design and perfectly presents your original design concept one to one.

Logistics capabilities

  • HUCAI provides a variety of logistics methods, including express delivery, air delivery and sea transportation, to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Provide door-to-door logistics services to ensure that products can be delivered to all parts of the world on time and safely.

Production capacity

  • HUCAI has 25 years of experience in sportswear production and has more than 100 skilled workers, all of whom have sportswear production experience.
  • With 5 strict quality inspection processes, the factory has advanced production equipment and an efficient management system to ensure the delivery of high-quality products on time.

Business capabilities

  • The business team is proficient in sportswear surface accessories and is familiar with the fabric characteristics of sportswear and can recommend suitable fabrics to customers.
  • The business team has a total of 25 people, all with more than 5 years of experience.
  • Sportswear market research and customer visits in different countries. Every year we go to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway and other European countries to conduct sportswear market research, and participate in sportswear supplier exhibitions to understand the market and customer needs.

Confidentiality Agreement

Is it Guaranteed That My Technology Package Will Not be Leaked?

I think you must be very worried that your personal brand technology package will be leaked. Is it the right decision to send the technology package to HUCAI? Will HUCAI ensure that your brand privacy will not be stolen? The answer is yes, we guarantee strict protection of your technology package and brand privacy. We have the following specific measures:

Strict confidentiality agreement

We sign confidentiality agreements with each client to ensure that the technology package will not be leaked.

Internal data restrictions

Only necessary business personnel have access to your technology package to ensure information security.

Secure network

We take advanced cybersecurity measures to prevent any unauthorized access and information disclosure.

Legal protection

We abide by relevant laws and regulations, protect our customers' brand privacy, and will never steal or abuse customer information.

More Help

Something You Follow

If you have more questions, pleasecontact usdirectly.


When you agree to HUCAI to make your order, please accept 200MOQ, because among many sportswear manufacturers, this is already a very low minimum order quantity. HUCAI serves mid-to-high-end sportswear brands. We hope Let’s work together with the brand to achieve success.

Production lead time

HUCAI’s production delivery time is about 30 days, and that for VIP customers is about 25 days. We strictly follow each step of the standardized process to ensure the quality of the sportswear we produce, so this time is also necessary.

VIP priority

As a VIP customer of HUCAI, we will advance the production schedule, reduce sewing time and speed up quality inspection time, thereby reducing the production cycle for VIP customers and receiving goods faster.


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HUCAI is a supplier with 25 years of professional design experience, a professional business team, and mature manufacturing capabilities.
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