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Through ODM service, HUCAI will help you create unique men's sportswear, and OEM service aims to provide customized solutions for your brand, providing a design team to help you smoothly expand your product line and make your brand stand out in the market.

For Whom

What Customers Need ODM Men's Sportswear Service?

Sportswear brand methods that need to create brand characteristics

This type of customer usually has a well-known brand but does not have a design team. These customers need ODM services to provide customized design solutions to ensure that their sportswear is unique and highlights the brand characteristics. They may have their own brand concept and target audience, so they need to have in-depth communication with the supplier's design team to ensure that the design solution is consistent with their brand image.

At the same time, they also hope that ODM services can provide competitiveness in terms of price, quality and delivery time to ensure the market competitiveness of products.

Sports influencers and fitness bloggers who want unique designs

For these personal brands, their success often relies on their personalized image and content, so they need distinctive sportswear to highlight their personal style. Such customers usually pay more attention to the personalization and uniqueness of designs, so they require ODM services to provide more innovative and personalized design solutions to meet their needs for displaying their personality on social media.

At the same time, they may also need the flexibility of ODM services in terms of small batch production and fast delivery to adapt to their fast-paced content updates and market needs.

ODM Process

HUCAI’s ODM Men’s Sportswear Process

HUCAI has integrated product consulting services into the ODM men's sportswear process. As product consultants, we not only provide design solutions, but also actively participate in communication and discussions with customers, giving full play to our professional knowledge and experience to provide customers with By providing more personalized and professional solutions, we have formed a closer cooperative relationship with our customers.
Step 1

Requirement confirmation

HUCAI's sales staff fully communicate with customers to understand their needs and expectations, ensuring an accurate understanding of customers' design needs. At this time, we are not just listening to customer requirements, but more like a product consultant, actively providing professional suggestions through analysis.

Step 2

Design proposal

The salesperson informs the design team of the customer's design needs and actively participates in the discussion. During this process, the design team provides personalized and professional design suggestions and innovative design solutions, including samples and detailed design instructions, based on customer needs, market trends and professional knowledge.

Step 3

Sample confirmation

After the design team completes the design, the salesperson will promptly submit the design proposal to the customer for confirmation. We communicate as product consultants, not just simply communicating sample details, but also through active discussions and feedback, jointly improving and optimizing the sample design to ensure customer satisfaction and final confirmation.

Step 4


Once the sample is approved by the customer, we start the production process. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we always put the needs and expectations of our customers first and actively participate in the production process to ensure that every piece of sportswear reflects the quality and style that our customers expect.

Step 5

Quality inspection and delivery

After the production is completed, 5 strict quality inspections are carried out. As product consultants, we work with customers to confirm the quality and integrity of the products to ensure that the products meet high standards. In the end, we deliver products to customers on time, achieving a win-win situation for both parties.

If you already have a complete technical package or a complete sportswear design concept and just need us to make your design into sportswear, then please click on the OEM page to see more details you care about!


Why Does HUCAI Have the Ability to ODM Men's Sportswear?

Professional design team

HUCAI has an experienced design team. Their study abroad experience at home and abroad has brought them diversified design concepts. They have deep experience and sportswear expertise. They can provide personalized design solutions based on brand concepts and market trends to bring customers The creative ideas are transformed into actual product designs to help the brand highlight its features.

Product consultant philosophy

HUCAI insists on being a product consultant for customers. The salesperson must make a "proposal" to the customer and provide customized product suggestions based on the customer's brand's sports type, order frequency and market sales environment, as well as market trends and competition. Provide customers with professional sportswear planning services, follow up on customer projects throughout the process to better serve customers, and achieve a win-win situation for suppliers and sportswear brands.

Supply chain advantages

HUCAI cooperates with a number of high-quality suppliers and has abundant resources and advantageous supply chains. It can provide a variety of fabric and process choices, ensure product quality while reducing costs, and provide customers with more competitive products.

Market Insights

HUCAI pays close attention to market dynamics and trends. We have always insisted on participating in exhibitions, visiting customers, and visiting the local sportswear market to gain a greater grasp of market trends. It can help brands seize market opportunities and achieve sustained growth.


Which Customers Have We Served?

Velocity Athletics

“HUCAI has given us great help. Their product consultant team knew exactly what kind of clothing I needed. Woody, in particular, paid great attention to detail and provided a customized solution that not only met our needs but exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much HUCAI!”


Endurance Elite

“I am a sports and fitness blogger with 100,000 fans on the Internet. I have been cooperating with HUCAI since 2016, and my sports brand has been growing bigger and bigger until now. HUCAI's professional design team provided me with many innovative design solutions to help me stand out in the highly competitive market. I am very satisfied with HUCAI!”


Active Lifestyle

“We are very satisfied with HUCAI's product consulting services. They not only made a lot of efforts in providing design solutions, but also gave us a lot of valuable suggestions throughout the cooperation process. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and service attitude of the HUCAI team and are willing to cooperate with them for a long time!”


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HUCAI is a manufacturer focusing on men's sportswear with a high-quality design team. We offer men's shorts, sports T-shirts, sports sweatshirts and other styles for you to choose from. You can choose the latest styles in 2024 in the new product navigation!


Need fabric recommendation

HUCAI is a manufacturer focusing on men's sportswear with a high-quality design team. We offer men's shorts, sports T-shirts, sports sweatshirts and other styles for you to choose from. You can choose the latest styles in 2024 in the new product navigation!


Need process recommendation

HUCAI is a manufacturer focusing on men's sportswear with a high-quality design team.


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HUCAI is a manufacturer focusing on men's sportswear with a high-quality design team.



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